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Referencing Checklist
Electronic Media
Reference List

The first set of reference exercises (i.e. journals, books, newspapers/magazines, and electronic media) use the "Drag and Drop" tool illustrated in the Site Help section.

With the "Drag and Drop" tool, you simply use your mouse to click on the option of your choice, and drag it into the appropriate position on the screen. You will see how the reference segments come together in the light blue space above the "drop" area to compile the full reference.

When you have finished selecting your options for each segment of the reference, you can check your answer by clicking on the Check button.  You can keep working at the same exercise after each "Check" until the whole reference is correct, or reset the form by clicking on "Retry" to start again. Feedback will be provided.

The Reference List exercise uses "Typist Help" illustrated in the Site Help section, to assist with formatting. Using the "Typist Help"  feature much as you would for a typical word processed document, you simply enter each reference from the previous exercises in correct APA format to complete the full reference list.

If you need to check individual entries while compiling the list, you can return to the earlier exercises (e.g. journals, books, etc) via the menu at the top of your screen. When compiling your reference list, you have a Checklist available to remind you of the key features of APA referencing.

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