Title Page Exercise
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Title Page:

A title page is double-line spaced and includes the following elements:

Manuscript page header and page number

Running head

Authorís Name


Educational Institution


To complete the title page exercise, click on the Title Page Practice button below. This will open a Microsoft Word document called "TitlePagePrac.doc" in a new window within Internet Explorer. If you use Netscape you will be asked if you want to open the file (in your word processor) or save it to disk. Choose "Open it". To keep this document handy, print off a copy to ensure you have included all of the elements in your title page.

Next, type in each of the elements for a title page according to the Title Page Checklist provided. Then check your answer against the exemplar provided. To gain maximum benefit from this task you should try to complete the whole Title Page Practice exercise before checking your answer. You may check your answer by clicking on the Check Title Page button below.

Click "Title Page Practice" to do the exercise.

Click "Check Title Page" to compare your answer.

You may wish to print this page to compare against your word-processed version of the title page.


Click to do the exercise.

Click to compare your answer.



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